Secure PlexAmp for Linux (Raspberry PI) with HTTPS / SSL Certificate

This is a tutorial on how you can get a certificate installed on your PlexAmp media renderer. For example when installed on a Raspberry PI. Prerequisites This tutorial only covers the SSL setup on the Linux device (RPI) not the… Continue Reading →

Why “rooting” is still valid in 2022 and beyond

A lot of articles nowadays says that rooting your smartphone is no longer required in 2022.My opinion on this is: That’s absolute BS. There a plenty of good reasons why you should still do it. Just to name a few…… Continue Reading →

Changing the NTP (timeserver) on Android devices

Let’s take away one further “call-home” functionality on android devices. While setting up my own Stratum 1 NTP server with a GPS synced clock, I discovered that’s actually not possible to change the NTP server from within the UI /… Continue Reading →

Firefox doesn’t have to deal with FLoC blocking – This explains why

What is FLoC FloC or Federated Learning of Cohorts is a new technology marketed as privacy friendly ad-tracking. So it creates interest groups for users. For example if you visit a webpage about cars, it adds cars to this group… Continue Reading →

ASUS Strix X570-E Chipset Cooler Modding

Whenever you want to let the computer run in the same room where you sleep your simply use it as a media center, the chipset fan of some X570 boards considers “silent” something else then we think. In my completely… Continue Reading →

Privacy Tips: Discord

Never share sensible images on discord – not even to your best friend!The image will be stored forever on the server and everyone is able to access it.For example: If you take a picture with the Windows “Snipping Tool”, the… Continue Reading →

Teamspeak: Push-To-Mute while you’re talking in-game.

Use these simple key bindings to implement a push-to-mute function in teamspeak. This will make sure that you’re muted in teamspeak while you’re talking in-game and you friends won’t hear you twice.

Take your data home – What tools to use as replacements for Google and co.

It’s nothing new that Google isn’t dealing with your data for free. They implemented a lot of ways to make use out of the data you provide. This is primarily used to improve their advertising but also in other ways… Continue Reading →

Using A Transcode Server For Livestreaming With 240Hz (High Bitrate In -> Good Quality Out)

Even with the latest high end CPUs streaming in good quality is pure pain. Either the impact on FPS or the stream quality suffers. A commonly adapted solution is using a secondary PC as streaming PC which then captures the… Continue Reading →

Monitor PFSense / UniFI with Grafana

What this is about? If you want to have a general look on your network statistics and don’t want to log-in into multiple web-interfaces, Grafana can provide you all the information at once. This is not intended to make any… Continue Reading →

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